Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By Dileep Ranjekar
Civil Society
December 16, 2017
During 2001-02 the Azim Premji Foundation launched a programme, the Accelerated Learning Programme, to support the academic achievements of children who were enrolled in government schools after a bridge programme conducted by the state...
By John Kurien
July 17, 2017
Though India cannot call itself a nation of fish-eaters, it does have some of the world’s richest fishery resources and an Exclusive Economic Zone in the ocean the size of 60% of its land area. It ranks third in world fish production with...
By John Kurien
The Indian Express
July 14, 2017
The Sri Lankan Parliament’s unanimous amendment of its Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act last week to ban trawling is a bold step from both political and ecological perspectives
By Chandan Gowda
Bangalore Mirror
July 11, 2017
The power of the Nigerian writer, Amos Tutuola's (in pic) The Palm-Drinkard, the first African novel to find international literary readership, after its publication in 1952, can be immediately felt. Written in English, and rooted in...
By Amit Basole
July 10, 2017
Once again farmers have been killed in police firing while taking part in a protest. This time in Madhya Pradesh’s Mandsaur district. It has trigerred the usual flurry of articles and emergency policy measures
By C K Mathew
Bureaucracy Today
July 08, 2017
Written by Haulianlal Guite, a young IAS officer from the Northeast, the non-fiction novel, Confessions Of A Dying Mind, released recently in the national capital is earning rave reviews. In a conversation with Bureaucracy Today, the...

Articles & Opinions

By Karen Scotta, Frances Roweb, Venda Pollock
Journal of Rural Studies
August 27, 2017
In the last two decades academic and policy interest in the economic growth potential of the cultural sector has risen sharply in UK, as well as in other OECD countries. Alongside this there has been a shift in cultural policies away from...
By Shukla Bose
Deccan Herald
July 12, 2017
There seems to be some traction in the realm of education in India of late. More reality checks are being made in government schools and some attention is being given to assessing learning outcomes of students rather than just celebrating...
By Mathew Kurian
Deccan Herald
July 12, 2017
In the early 1990s, neo-liberalism made a powerful case for deregulation. Back then, one did not have to look far to find a justification for reform — the effects of a bloated public sector were all too evident.
By Arghya Banerjee
Hindustan Times
July 11, 2017
Why is it that even our best schools are considered to be of poor quality compared to the international standards? In my opinion, the root cause is government regulations of the wrong kind, of which CBSE is the main flag-bearer.
By Pramath Raj Sinha & Shreyasi Singh
The Quint
July 11, 2017
The Quint debates whether privatisation of higher education institutes can improve the quality of education and increase employability quotient.
By Asitava Sen
The Economic Times
July 10, 2017
The critical policy imperatives of the day are how to feed a rising global population with shrinking resources such as land, water and labour, and how to increase farmers’ income, a goal that sometimes may conflict with producing more.


Distinguishing between ‘macro’ and ‘micro’ possibility thinking: Seen and unseen creativity

By Jim Clack
Thinking Skills and Creativity
This paper proposes a model that describes potential ways in which creativity may be manifest in the classroom. Building on the work by Craft and her colleagues (e.g. Chappell, Craft, Burnard, & Cremin, 2008; Craft, Cremin, Burnard,...
Category: Child Learning

Pre-service science teachers’ perceptions of mathematics courses in a science teacher education programme

By Lutfi Incikabi & Mehmet Koray Serin
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science & Technology
Most science departments offer compulsory mathematics courses to their students with the expectation that students can apply their experience from the mathematics courses to other fields of study, including science.
Category: Pre-service Teacher Education

Teaching for equity: insights from international evidence with implications for a teacher education curriculum

By Lexie Grudnoff et al
Curriculum Journal
This paper reports the results of a unique cross-country, cross-cultural analysis undertaken to provide insights into teaching practices that promote equity, drawing on programmes of empirical research or syntheses of major programmes of...
Category: Teacher Professional Development

A study of pre-service classroom teachers' beliefs about teachers' and students' roles

By Davut Köğce
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science & Technology
The aim of this study is to determine pre-service classroom teachers' beliefs and thoughts about the roles of teachers and students in the classroom before taking the Mathematics Teaching I course.
Category: Pre-service Teacher Education

Building teachers’ research literacy: integrating practice and research

By Carol Evans, Michael Waring & Andri Christodoulou
Research Papers in Education
Supporting early career teacher (ECT) research literacy is essential in promoting research-integrated professional practice, however it remains an area in much need of development.
Category: Teacher Professional Development

Children’s beliefs concerning school transition

By Sirpa Eskelä-Haapanen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Helena Rasku-Puttonen & Anna-Maija Poikkeus
Early Child Development & Care
This study examines preschoolers’ beliefs concerning their transfer into primary education. Data from 1386 Finnish preschoolers were obtained using interviews with parents at the end of the children’s preschool year.
Category: Early Childhood Education