Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By Anurag Behar
October 01, 2014
How many teachers do we need in India? And how many do we have currently? Most sources, which could have authoritative information on these numbers, candidly admit that the available data is not very good. The data from District...
By Anurag Behar
September 17, 2014
One morning in Gulbarga, Mahadev and Jagannath insisted that we visit a school with them. This village wasn’t far from the city, about 7km from the outskirts. When we go to a school in a car, we usually park some distance away. A car can...
By Anurag Behar
September 03, 2014
Narendra Modi’s speech on 15 August was by far the best Independence Day speech by a prime minister in decades. Even his most indefatigable opponents concede that as a piece of communication it was master-class, while they may have...
By Dileep Ranjekar
Human Capital
August 09, 2014
Without doubt, delegation is among the most powerful tools of managing and leading life, work and professions.
By Anurag Behar
August 06, 2014
To improve India’s school education, it is critical to improve India’s in-service teacher education, I wrote about this on 24 July. Good in-service education will deliberately work on the entire range of capacities that teachers need to...
By Anurag Behar
July 23, 2014
About five minutes into the conversation with the Block Education Officer (BEO), I realized we were using the same phrase, “trainee teachers”, to talk about two entirely different things. I had assumed that the reference was to teachers...

Articles & Opinions

By A. R. Vasavi
January 01, 2015
The school, going to school, and ideas of mass elementary education have come of age. Years of developmental activism, international pressure, and the promulgation of the Right to Education (RtE) Act have championed the spread of...
By Pamela JaggerMartin (Marty), K. Luckert
World Development
December 01, 2014
We explore the relationship between tenure and forest income in 271 villages throughout the tropics.
By Venita Kaul, Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary
Ideas For India
November 19, 2014
In this article, Venita Kaul and Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary from the Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development, Ambedkar University, present evidence from their research to emphasise the importance of good preschool education...
By Rubina Majid
Teacher Plus
September 30, 2014
Teachers need to change and teaching will change inevitably. We cannot have teachers walking into classrooms without any teaching capabilities.
By Rupak Goswami, Soumitra Chatterjee, Binoy Prasad
Agricultural and Food Economics
July 04, 2014
The present study conducted in coastal saline India demonstratively established the usefulness of identification and characterization of farming systems in identifying predominant farm types.
By Pawan Gupta
Teacher Plus
July 03, 2014
The distinction between knowledge and information has got diffused so much that nowadays information is considered to be knowledge.


A University’s ‘Institutional Research Model': Sociology of Education and Indian Higher Education Systems

By Rowena Robinson, Wasim Raja, Hiten Choudhury, Dhruba J. Saikia
Economic and Political Weekly
This paper chronicles one administrative and scholarly experiment recently launched in Cotton College State University in Guwahati, Assam.
Category: Higher Education

Gender Inequality Issues in India

By Meera Alagaraja et al
Advances in Developing Human Resources
The ProblemIndia struggles with gender inequality issues beyond just equal economic growth and access to educational resource opportunities.
Category: Gender Inclusion

Analysis of challenges for management education in India using total interpretive structural modelling

By Ritika Mahajan, Rajat Agrawal, Vinay Sharma & Vinay Nangia
Quality Assurance in Education: An International Perspective
The purpose of this paper is to identify challenges for management education in India and explain their nature, significance and interrelations using total interpretive structural modelling (TISM), an innovative version of Warfield’s...
Category: Education System

Public vs. private schooling as a route to universal basic education: A comparison of China and India

By William C. Smith & Devin K. Joshi
International Journal of Educational Development
This article examines whether focusing primarily on public schooling can lead to more rapid achievement of universal basic education (UBE) than relying on a mixture of public and private schooling.
Category: Education Policy

Reforming the Contemporary Education System of India: An Anthropological Perspective

By Rajesh Gururaj Kundargi
Oriental Anthropologists
Anthropology has the unique distinction of integrating both the scientific as well as the humanistic traditions into a single domain of institutionalized academic teaching.
Category: Education System

Skill Gaps and Employability: Higher Education in India

By Jeemol Unni
Journal of Development Policy and Practice
As India grows into a knowledge economy increasing the use of technology in manufacturing and service industries, the emerging gaps at the level of tertiary education are seen as a major constraint.
Category: Higher Education