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Member Publications

By Rajaram Nityananda
Current Science
May 25, 2017
There is widely felt dissatisfaction with the standard of the undergraduate science degree – the average B.Sc from a typical university. Entrance tests and interviews of B.Sc candidates, even those with high marks, bring out gaps in...
By Kailash Chandra Kandpal
May 18, 2017
आपने आसपास जितने भी लोगो से मिलता हूँ, तो लगता है के उनके बीच सरकारी स्कूलों में काम कर रहे अध्यापकों के प्रति कई प्रकार के धारणायें बनी हुए हैं।
By S Giridhar
The Wire
May 18, 2017
Schools in remote areas like Surpur often run without close departmental supervision, making teachers in these schools answerable only to their conscience.
By Dileep Ranjekar
Civil Society
May 17, 2017
Milind was one of our most reliable Factory Personnel Managers for several years. In a particular year, when we rated his performance better in our performance appraisal system, I congratulated him and expected him to be happy. His...
By Chandan Gowda
Bangalore Mirror
May 16, 2017
I was a latecomer to the phenomenon. Baahubali-2 had already raked in Rs 1000 crores before I watched it. On the previous evening, a TV channel had noted that the Baahubali craze was waning and that the three soon-to-be-released Kannada...
By Narayana A
The Hindu
May 13, 2017
The Congress government, led by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, is completing four years in office on Saturday. So it is time for the last annual assessment of the government’s performance.

Articles & Opinions

By Amod K. Kanth
Sunday Guardian Live
June 18, 2017
Children in the age group of 14 to 18 years are being exposed to various hazardous occupations and processes.
By Jagriti Gangopadhyay And Wamika Kapur
The Wire
June 13, 2017
Make in India, Digital India, Startup India and the Smart Cities project were all aimed at creating jobs for the country’s youth, but the government has failed to deliver on that promise.
By Devi Kar
The Hindu
June 12, 2017
For a system blamed for being exam and textbook-oriented, it is strange that public exams are being piled on
By Dr. Raman Kumar
ET Health World
June 12, 2017
Review of the 11th plan performances shows that despite progress, goals were not achieved. Huge gaps in the field of training health-care professional at each level have been rightly pointed in the 12th Five Year Plan.
By G Pramod Kumar
The Huffington Post
June 12, 2017
The temporary silver bullet of loan waivers should also include borrowings from private lenders.
By Narayan Ramachandran
June 12, 2017
Revenue expenditure of states has risen sharply with greater financial devolution and increased expenditure, a gap which will further increase with GST


Prospective thinking and decision making in primary school age children

By Elisabetta Lombardi et al
In this study, we seek to widen our understanding of the developmental processes underlying bargaining behaviour in children addressing the concept of prospective thinking.
Category: Learning in School

How Will India’s Urban Future Affect Social Identities?

By Devesh Kapur
Urbanisation is as much a social process as it is an economic and spatial process. Cities are sites of social change that offer possibilities for social mobility by disrupting the social stratifications of rural societies. If so, what does...
Category: Social Development

How school teams perceive and handle multilingualism: The impact of a school's pupil composition

By Lies Strobbe et al
Teaching and Teacher Education
Nowadays, pupils bring a variety of languages to school. This study focuses on how school teams perceive the linguistic composition of pupil populations and how this influences their teaching practices regarding multilingualism.
Category: School Policy

Proposed policy for preparation of high-quality primary school teachers in Thailand

By Sutidarat Mattavarat et al
Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences
Successful countries in education show that the reform process to improve teacher quality begins by answering fundamental questions about the current problems and the needs of the schools.
Category: Teacher Education Policy

Teachers’ perspective on institutional barriers to academic entrepreneurship – a case of Uttarakhand state, India

By Lalit Sharma
Teachers & Teaching
The study explores the institutional factors which influence the impact of education in building academic entrepreneurship in higher educational institutes of Uttarakhand state, India.
Category: Higher Education

Understanding Politics of Education in the Colonial India: Quintessential Debates of Indian National Congress During 1885-1905

By Pintu Kumar
Journal of Asia Pacific Studies
It was the British Government who has always controlled and umpired the politics of education motivated by 'separate and reign' law, and the Indian National Congress was the player of this power game.
Category: Education Policy