Member publications consists of articles and papers contributed by members of the Foundation to leading newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles & Opinions and Bibliography comprise a repository of academic articles on education and other allied domains such as health, livelihoods and sustainability.

Member Publications

By ​Chandan Gowda
The Hindu
August 20, 2011
While social norms continue to associate traditional hair workers with stigma, changing economic norms are enabling others to reap the profits of the profession.
By Madhav Khosla, Sudhir Krishnaswamy
Economic and Political Weekly
August 20, 2011
For all the attention that the Supreme Court (SC) of India has attracted in recent years, very little is known and understood about the personalities who inhabit and shape the institution. Students searching for an institutional sociology...
By Dileep Ranjekar
The Hindu
August 19, 2011
It was the year 2003. As a part of my efforts to understand schools and children of all ages, I happened to visit a Bangalore school that had a pre-school section. I followed the standard strategy of being a “fly on the wall,” observing,...
By Aruna Roy
The Hindu
August 06, 2011
“A strong Lokpal is needed, but overburdening the Lokpal with all responsibilities from local grievances to corruption is unwise.” This was the focus of discussion at a lecture, ‘Fostering inclusiveness, plurality and equal opportunity –...
By Dileep Ranjekar
Forbes India
July 05, 2011
In 1950, we as a nation made a constitutional commitment to build a socialistic, secular and democratic society to secure justice, liberty and equality on several attributes. We committed to be a nation where the poorest feel ownership...
By Lina Sonne
Technological Forecasting and Social Change
June 22, 2011
In India inclusive innovation through social entrepreneurs is currently booming. However, these entrepreneurs suffer from a lack of finance since the bank system as well as the microfinance sector are unwilling or unable to finance them....

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